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Advice For Trump ‘Go Big – Eliminate the Energy Department’

William O’Keefe DECEMBER 1, 2016 ENERGY The Department of Energy (DOE) traces its roots to the energy crisis of 1973, which was made worse by misguided government policy.  The Arab embargo of 1973 was short lived but it lead to a series of actions that distorted energy policy and created a bureaucracy that now, thanks […]

Scientist asks: ‘Who is better on the science? Trump or Pope Francis? Answer: Trump

By WILLIAM M BRIGGS Published on December 1, 2016 • 3 Comments William M Briggs Pope Francis has, according to Reuters‘ interpretation, placed a shot across the bows of USS Trump when he “urged national leaders on Monday to implement global environmental agreements without delay.” The Pope did not mention the president-elect by name, but was speaking […]

‘The climate scam corruption metastasizes’

The problem with a giant con game like global warming hysteria is that the baseline dishonesty ends up corrupting other institutions.  Academia is pre-eminent among the collateral corruptees, but even a Native American tribe in genuine peril is in on the game.  Willis Eschenbach provides the ugly details at Watts Up With That? He spotted […]


NEW PAPER: CLIMATE SCEPTICISM IS A ‘PERVERSE’ EFFECT OF ‘ACTIVELY OPEN-MINDED THINKING’ Date: 02/12/16 Kip Hansen, Climate Etc. Right-leaning subjects (Conservatives-Republicans) who have a better understanding of current science and math and/or can be characterized as having the personality trait of actively cultivating an open mind have less belief in the consensus version of climate […]

House Science Committee tweets link to climate skeptic article and Twitter storm ensues

tweet sent by the House Science Committee has caused an Internet meltdown and even drew the ire of Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders speaking at town hall event. Gage Skidmore (Wikimedia) When the House’s Committee on Science sent out a tweet yesterday linking to a “Breitbart” article that called into question global warming orthodoxy, the backlash […]