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Media Blasted for ‘Fake News’ on Trump’s Climate Stance

In a piece picked up by the Drudge Report, editor Marc Morano, who produced the documentary Climate Hustle, acknowledged that Trump’s remarks were not as hardcore as his campaign rhetoric. But they hardly justified the media’s bogus claims. “Trump’s claim to have an open mind on U.S. climate policy and his comment that ´I’m going to take a look at´ withdrawing from the UN Paris agreement are more nuanced than his previous blunt statements that the U.S. will cancel the UN agreement,” Morano explained. “But those comments in the context of the interview are hardly a flip-flop or major signal of changing views on the issue.”

Climate Depot also included a number of quotes from leading scientists celebrating Trump’s victory and what it might mean for restoring honesty in science. “Trump’s victory is very promising,” exclaimed Norwegian Astrophysicist Prof. Jan-Erik Solheim from the University of Tromso. “We can get real science back in the field.” Prominent Swedish geologist Dr. Nils Axel Morner of Stockholm University echoed the sentiment: “We have a benefit from Trump’s victory: We scientists may see a liberation from this unscientific closing of journals,” said Morner, perhaps the world’s top expert on sea levels and a former UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) expert reviewer. Numerous others agreed.

Ironically, even climate alarmists on the ultra-left end of the spectrum recognized the establishment media’