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Cheers! Trump’s national security adviser doesn’t think climate change is a national security threat

Via: The newest member of Trump’s national security team is Fox News analyst K.T. McFarland, recently tapped to be deputy national security adviser. And like Trump’s earlier national security picks — National Security Advisor Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and CIA Director Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-KS) — McFarland dismisses the idea that climate change constitutes a threat to national […]

The Growth Of Global Warming Nonsense: Surely We’ve Reached Peak Madness

By Kerry Jackson Time magazine said Donald Trump’s election has climate change negotiators down, but not out, and has “cast a long shadow over progress made at” the United Nations climate conference held earlier this month in Morocco. Seems the alarmist community is still stuck in the denial phase of the five stages of grief. […]

Analysis: ‘Trump’s Energy, Climate Plans Will Put America First Again’

Bad news for the 10,000 climate bureaucrats who recently vacationed in Marrakesh. Donald Trump’s election as the next president of the United States has left liberal environmental activists and international climate bureaucrats reeling. Just one of the many examples of the widespread depression expressed by environmentalists appeared in a recent issue of the Washington Post in which […]


Via: RECORD DROP IN GLOBAL TEMPERATURES AS EL NINO WARMING ENDS Date: 27/11/16 David Rose, Mail on Sunday Global average temperatures over land have plummeted by more than 1C since the middle of this year – their biggest and steepest fall on record. According to satellite data, the late 2016 temperatures are returning to the levels they […]

Leonardo DiCaprio nominated for climate ‘prat’ of 2016

The biggie of course has been Leonardo DiCapricko whose antics have been toe-curlingly embarrassing to watch. His activities, such as that bloody awful climate porn movie that bombed, were bad enough, but it was the impression one gained of him that was the true horror. He was like some fundamentally cheap, snot-nosed brat dressed up […]

Andrew Revkin: Prospects for the Climate & Environmentalism, Under President Trump

President Donald J. Trump. Get used to the sound of that, my environment-oriented friends. Is this end times for environmental progress or, more specifically, climate progress? No. The bad news about climate change is, in a way, the good news: The main forces determining emission levels of heat-trapping carbon dioxide will be just as much […]