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Ex-Irish President Mary Robinson: US Will Become Rogue Nation If Trump Pulls Out of Climate Deal

MARY ROBINSON: Thank you, Amy. And happy Climate Justice Day, the first Climate Justice Day at any COP.

AMY GOODMAN: Well, congratulations also on your new appointment, which is what?


AMY GOODMAN: You have said that if Donald Trump pulls out, it would make the US a rogue nation. Do you stand by that?

MARY ROBINSON: I said “a kind of rogue nation,” because, you know, how can you sign up to something that’s so important for the world, that the world knows is real and happening, and then, somehow, because somebody is blind to or pretends to be blind to the consequences because of the lobbies that are surrounding him — I’m afraid that that just is not acceptable to the world. And what I’m — what I’m worried about is the damage to, you know, the kind of role of leadership on values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The United States has its own problems with human rights, but it’s always been a leader in promoting these values and gender equality and other values. And many of these are more at risk, especially in the United States. And it’s their problem more than a problem for the world, which will go ahead with the climate agreement.