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Latest ‘Global Warming’ Threat: Trick Or Treating – ‘Pre-packaged sugar packs a big punch to your carbon footprint’

Environmentalists have decided that letting kids trick or treat on Halloween is increasing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and the only solution is for the activists to get more money to fight it.

Environmentalists suspect that candy eaten by trick-or-treating kids probably generates a lot of CO2 and therefore isn’t sustainable. The environmental website TerraPass even encourages parents to “start a new trend and skip the candy handouts, opting for more sustainable treats as a greener way of participating in the festivities. Instead of candy coated, sugary bites, offer up little storybooks, crayons, playing cards or toys.”

TerraPass claims Halloween isn’t an eco-friendly holiday because “pre-packaged sugar packs a big punch with respect to your carbon footprint” and that plastic wrappers of the candy were likely shipped over great distances, adding to the amount of CO2. The group claims that 6 ounces of CO2 are emitted for every milk chocolate bar produced, but that you can buy down your guilt by paying them money.

“It can be difficult to resist the temptation of those yummy, pumpkin-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups,” TerraPass continues. “Fortunately, you can cancel out the carbon footprint of your favorite candies by purchasing Carbon Offsets from TerraPass. Offsets reduce your environmental footprint and support emission reduction projects that make a lasting difference.”

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