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Washington’s War Against Your Air Conditioner

By TERENCE JEFFREY Between now and when they face their final judgment, Barack Obama and John Kerry will never be forced to endure extreme heat — because they will always be able to afford air conditioning. If they follow the standard pattern, they are sure to get richer when they leave public office because they served […]

Toronto Star Editorial: ‘UN should not bar skeptics from climate conference’ – ‘A troubling precedent’ – ‘UN should change its mind’

Via: The decision to bar The Rebel Media from attending a United Nations climate conference next month is seriously out of line. We don’t often find ourselves in agreement with The Rebel Media, the online outfit run by right-wing firebrand Ezra Levant. But the decision to bar the outlet from attending a United Nations climate […]

NYT: Global Warming Will Cause ‘Surge’ In Forced Child Marriages

By Michael Bastasch The New York Times published an article by the Thomson Reuters Foundation (TRF) Tuesday claiming global warming could cause more child marriages and sexual abuse in third world cities. Brishti Rafiq’s father brought her to live in Dhaka, Bangladesh when she was a little girl after floods washed away her river-front home. It […]

Dem VP Nominee Kaine Compares Fighting Global Warming to a Twelve-Step Program

While speaking at Florida International University, Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine compared fighting global warming to participating in a twelve-step program and accused Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and vice presidential candidate Mike Pence of “turning their back on science.” Kaine began his remarks on climate change by saying climate change “affects your ability […]

EPA Chief: ‘People Have to Start Living a Life That’s Commensurate with Reductions in Greenhouse Gases’

( -“People have to start living a life that’s commensurate with reductions in greenhouse gases,” EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said while discussing the recent global deal to limit the use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used in air-conditioning and refrigeration. During a social media discussion with Mashable last week, McCarthy said that fighting climate change will “not have […]

GOP Senator On Climate Change: ‘Mankind Has Actually Flourished In Warmer Temperatures’

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) on Monday said he doesn’t think people should worry about finding solutions to climate change ― because historically, “civilization thrives” in warmer temperatures. “Climate has already changed, always will. I’m just not an alarmist. We will adapt,” Johnson told Wisconsin radio station WHBY. “How many people are moving up toward the […]