Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy.

According to Murray, the Obama administration’s policies are hurting the lowest income families, saying there were about 35,000 jobs lost in the coal industry this year and 60,000 in all.

“It’s a tragedy what’s happening in the coal fields, with the destruction of lives, by Barack Obama, who is the greatest destroyer America’s had. And Mrs. Clinton says ‘I will expand on those policies,’” he said.

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Murray, who has been outspoken about Hillary Clinton’s energy policy, also reiterated why her clean energy push is “all about money.”

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“She’s getting millions of dollars from the manufacturers of solar panels and windmills…She said these people need this government help. These are the richest billionaires of the country that are kicking in to the Clinton Foundation, to the Clinton campaign, to build windmills and solar panels because it requires a subsidy. Coal stands in the way of that,” he argued.