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30 peer-reviewed scientific papers reveal the lack of connection between hurricanes & ‘global warming’

Via: By Kenneth Richard on 10. October 2016 Below there are 30 peer-reviewed scientific papers that summarize the literature on the lack of connection between ocean temperatures and hurricane variability.  Perhaps Sutter and Mann could find these educational. No Trend Or Reduced Intensity Of Landfalling Hurricanes With Warming Perrie et al., 2010 “The impact of […]

No New Record? UAH Data Show 2016 Still Trails Behind 1998 Record Warm Year

By Schneefan Already in August, is the year 2016 a bit cooler than the year 1998, according to satellite data from UAH. That situation remains the same as September saw a reading of +0.44°C. The global 2m temperatures with a deviation of +0.38°K eased off slightly from the August reading of 0.42°K, see the following […]

German Scientists: ‘Media Are Playing A Dangerous Game With Extreme Weather Fear’

By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated/edited by P Gosselin) The history of science is rich in discoveries, progress, falsehoods and confusion. How will future generations see the history of climate science? Where are they going to set the point that distinguishes alarmism from reasonable science? August 12, 2016 could be […]

Gore to appear in hurricane-battered Florida to rally millennials for Clinton

Can former vice president Al Gore, who hasn’t been on the ballot in a decade and a half, persuade young voters to back Hillary Clinton by appearing in hurricane-battered South Florida? He and the Democratic presidential nominee will start testing this proposition Tuesday afternoon, when the two appear together at Miami Dade College. The location has plenty […]