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Toyota is using sewage sludge to power its new electric car

Hydrogen fuel cell cars could help solve the global warming crisis, but nobody wants to buy them. Yoshikazu Tanaka, chief engineer of the Toyota Mirai, Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell car, calls it a “chicken or the egg” problem: no one wants to purchase hydrogen cars because there are no hydrogen fuel stations, and nobody wants […]

Analysis: NASA’s ‘record heat’ in SW Africa is based on one tampered station, located next to asphalt in middle of rapidly growing city’

NOAA claimed yesterday that Angola and Namibia had their hottest month ever last month, even though they don’t have any thermometers there. NOAA Sets An All-Time Fraud Record In August | The Deplorable Climate Science Blog NASA also shows Namibia and Angola very hot, 1-4C above normal. NASA has no thermometers in Namibia, and only one in Angola, […]

Analysis: NY Times & Zika: a brief case study on climate change hype

By David Wojick The folks who make their living by hyping the supposed threat of runaway global warming use a lot of scary language in the process. Here the ever creative New York Times has set what may be a new standard in scary climate change hype, by tying it to the Zika outbreak. In […]