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Italian meteorologist Colonel Paolo Ernan:  Data manipulated to make people believe in global warming

Italian meteorologist – Data manipulated to make people believe in global warming

There are ongoing attempts to distort the data in global temperatures, says Italian meteorologist Colonel Paolo Ernani. This process is particularly evident in surface temperature data from the United States. Plus, look at the exchange of e-mails between the various researchers worried that actual temperature measurements conflict with their theory. I personally denounced this misbehavior on December 4, 2015 in an article entitled ” Global Warming and Climate Change! What a mess.” Excerpts from above article by Col. Paul Ernani, climatologist. (This was in Italian. Please let me know if I have paraphrased it incorrectly.) Why is there this desire to convince the public that the Earth is heading towards an inexorable rise in temperature? What’s behind it? What interests are being served? The majority of the media is always talking about Global Warming as something already acquired, as if it were real, when in fact there are many scientists and scholars who do not agree on that. Supporters of Global warming, the so-called “caldisti”, use that term less and less. Today it is increasingly popular to use the term “climate change”? What does that (climate change) mean ? It’s ambiguous. It lends itself to multiple interpretations. Perhaps their models are imperfect and not very reliable. We have suggested they include “Sunspots” in their models to improve reliability, but it did not help. The temperature of our planet is quite correlated with this variable. Recent studies reinforce even more the link between temperature on Earth and sun spots. The news these days say the Earth’s temperature could rise between 4-6 degrees Celsius degrees by the end of the century, and dues to melting ice, many coastal cities will be submerged. Does it seem strange that these hypothetical disasters are announced in conjunction with the conference on climate change in Paris? It is good to remember that one of the largest and most powerful controllers of climate is water vapor. Even so, they want to sponsor the Green Energy. The I.P.C. C. subsidizes many research institutions and universities, and this is certainly fine. But, hypothetically, if their research shows that the temperature of the globe is not increasing, they my remain silent in order to not create embarrassment to those who finance them. Solar activity underestimated More disturbing is the fact that the President is not preparing the country for the coming difficult times because of the dangerous changes in solar activity. The sun is the primary source of climate change. Reducing the energy radiated will lead to a new cold climate and we will all face a more difficult future totally unprepared. Thanks to Dr Mirco Poletto in Italy for these links The post Italian meteorologist – Data manipulated to make people believe in global warming appeared first on Ice Age Now.

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