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Obama’s Sneak Attack on US Sovereignty Sets Stage for Climate Regulation Nightmare – Morano:’Be afraid, be very afraid of the U.N. agenda’ But as Marc Morano, publisher of “Climate Depot” and producer of the new film, “Climate Hustle,” a production that exposes the propaganda side of environmentalism, said in an interview: The commitment is smoke and mirrors, but a “cunning” Obama may see his long-held green-based regulatory visions achieve reality all the same, due to an […]

We’re Saved! Feds End Climate Change Threat by Turning CO2 into FUEL! The U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) has discovered a way to turn every man, woman, child and flatulent cow on the planet into an energy source – and eliminate the threat of CO2-caused climate change in the process. The discovery could also land the researchers a Nobel Prize, an MIT-educated physicist tells MRCTV. The […]