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Bill Nye, ‘The Science Guy,’ admits climate ‘deniers’ have been ‘surprisingly successful’

Mr. Nye, who was interviewed Monday on his role as an ambassador for the National Park Service’s 100th birthday, was promptly challenged by Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, who disputed the allegation that climate skeptics are doing the bidding of the oil-and-gas industry.

Nye’s claims of skeptics being almost exclusively funded by fossil fuels are flat-out wrong,” Mr. Morano said. “It is the environmental left that frequently enjoys amounts of fossil-fuel funding that skeptics never see.”

For example, he cited a 2014 report from the Science and Environmental Policy Project that found total U.S. expenditures on climate change from Fiscal Year 1993 to Fiscal Year 2033 exceeded $165 billion, primarily for climate models and efforts to mitigate global warming.

“These entities have a vested interest in promoting the fear of global warming/climate change,” the SEPP report said.