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Obama Energy Czar: Actually, Fracking Is Pretty Good For The Environment “The natural gas boom, in particular, has led to the displacement of high-carbon coal with low-carbon natural gas producing fewer emissions.” AUGUST 24, 2016 By Bre Payton Hydraulic fracturing, a process more commonly referred to as fracking, is actually good for the environment, Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said at a field hearing in Seattle last week, according to […]

British Antarctic Survey: Antarctic Peninsula has been cooling since 1998

Climate skeptics have been accused over and over again of fabricating the climate warming hiatus of the past 15 years. A poor argument because the hiatus has been established as an area of research on which a number of scientific groups are working. The latest study on the subject comes from a group of the […]


JAIME FULLER08/19/2016 The 2016 Republican platform briefly mentions climate change, if only to try to disarm it through a series of imperious sentences that roughly translate to PSSSSSH. “Climate change is far from this nation’s most pressing national security issue,” one reads. “This is the triumph of extremism over common sense, and Congress must stop […]

EPA warns: ‘Pregnant? Climate change can increase health risks for you and your baby’

EPA report: “Climate Change and the Health of Pregnant Women” Excerpt: “Understanding the threats that climate change Climate change poses to human health can help us work will also cause together to lower risks and be prepared. Climate change threatens human health, including mental health, and access to clean air, safe drinking water, nutritious food, […]

‘Libertarian’ Gary Johnson Pushes ‘Free Market’ Carbon Tax

Despite a historic opportunity for third parties to do well this presidential election, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson seems determined to blow it. In the equivalent of shooting himself in the political foot, Johnson announced support for a deeply unpopular tax on emissions of carbon dioxide, or CO2, to stop alleged “climate change.” And he […]