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Democratic prosecutors invited to help Obama, join pursuit against climate change skeptics

By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Tuesday, August 9, 2016 When New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman invited other Democrats to join his effort to pursue climate change skeptics, he was interested in more than bringing lawbreakers to justice. A letter obtained by E&E Legal Institute and released Tuesday indicates Mr. Schneiderman […]

Secret Deal Among AGs to Prosecute Climate Change ‘Deniers’ Challenged in Court

By signing a “secrecy pact” with fellow Democrat attorneys general preparing to prosecute climate change skeptics, Rhode Island’s top law enforcement officer jeopardized free speech rights and government transparency laws, according to two legal organizations that have taken him to court. “They sought to write themselves out from open records laws their legislatures saw fit […]

Scientist: Sun’s activity will cause global cooling

Recent research by a scientist has suggested that there could be an imminent 35-year period of low solar activity that could lead to cooler global temperatures. If new models of the inner workings of the sun published by Professor Valentina Zharkova and her colleagues at Northumbria University on Tuesday are correct, then future variations in […]

Scientist Predicts ‘Little Ice Age,’ Gets Icey Reception From Colleagues Observatory/NASA/Handout via Reuters∧ Professor Valentina Zharkova at Northumbria University is being attacked by climate change proponents for publishing research suggesting there could be a 35-year period of low solar activity that could usher in an “ice age.” Zharkova and her team of researchers released a study on sunspot modeling, finding that solar activity could fall to […]

Rasmussen Poll: Most voters oppose government prosecution of climate skeptics, only 25% say debate is over Survey comes as Democratic attorneys general have been targeting ExxonMobil An Exxon sign at a mini-mart in Dormont, Pa. Exxon Mobil Corp. is fighting against government investigators who believe the company covered up knowledge of how fossil fuels contribute to climate change in this April 29, 2014 file photo. Exxon … more >  View Comments Print […]