CBS Uses Heat Wave to Play Up ‘Bigger Problems’ From Climate Change

By: - Climate DepotJuly 22, 2016 2:07 PM

Wednesday’s CBS Evening News used the recent heat wave in the United States to hype climate change. Mireya Villarreal featured a meteorologist who contended that “this is such a massive problem — and even if we were to completely stop all carbon emissions right now, we would still have a very serious situation. We’ve passed the tipping point.” Villarreal underlined that “2016 is the hottest year ever recorded,” and that “this season, fires are more intense; drought conditions are growing; and the arctic sea ice is melting sooner.” [video below]

The correspondent first noted that “from Minnesota to California, record-high heat is expected to linger for days.” She continued by playing her first clip from Mark Jackson of the National Weather Service, who used a greenhouse comparison to explain the heat wave. After giving her “hottest year ever recorded” line, she also reported the hot weather in other parts of the Northern Hemisphere.