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CBS Uses Heat Wave to Play Up ‘Bigger Problems’ From Climate Change

Wednesday’s CBS Evening News used the recent heat wave in the United States to hype climate change. Mireya Villarreal featured a meteorologist who contended that “this is such a massive problem — and even if we were to completely stop all carbon emissions right now, we would still have a very serious situation. We’ve passed the tipping point.” Villarreal underlined that “2016 is the hottest year ever recorded,” and that “this season, fires are more intense; drought conditions are growing; and the arctic sea ice is melting sooner.” [video below]

The correspondent first noted that “from Minnesota to California, record-high heat is expected to linger for days.” She continued by playing her first clip from Mark Jackson of the National Weather Service, who used a greenhouse comparison to explain the heat wave. After giving her “hottest year ever recorded” line, she also reported the hot weather in other parts of the Northern Hemisphere.