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Conservatives fire back at warmist senators’ ‘coordinated attack’ on speech By M.D. Kittle | First Amendment Reporter for Free-market groups are firing back at Senate Democrats’ coordinated attack on climate-change skeptics, the latest assault on the First Amendment in the left’s relentless effort to intimidate and silence conservative speech. “We, the undersigned, have long since known that you have a list — an enemies list […]

Sheldon Whitehouse calls for news outlets to suppress ‘extreme’ op-eds by climate skeptics By Valerie Richardson– The Washington Times – Thursday, July 14, 2016 Sen. Sheldon Whitehousewants newspapers to stop publishing “extreme” and “phony” op-eds written by climate-change skeptics, blasting such articles as “industry propaganda.” The Rhode Island Democratsaid he was stunned by the “extraordinary barrage of opinion pieces” that followed his May 2015 op-ed recommending that Attorney General […]

Cheers! AP laments: ‘Trump would be only head of state in world to contend climate change is a hoax’ Washington – If elected president, Donald Trump would be the only head of state in the world to contend that climate change is a hoax, according to a study. The Sierra Club compiled public statements from the leaders of the 195 nations recognised by the State Department. An advance copy of the group’s report, […]