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Obama’s Green Policies Threaten America’s Energy Security

BY: Bill Gertz July 5, 2016 5:00 am The threat of a devastating cyber attack on the U.S. electrical grid is increasing due to the Obama administration’s politically correct policies that spend vast sums on green and smart grid technologies while failing to secure power grids from cyber attack. A report by the Manhattan Institute, […]

Climatologist Slams Science Orgs Pressuring Congress On Global Warming: ‘A Blatant Misuse Of Scientific Authority’

Professional science organizations’ calling on Republican lawmakers to stop questioning climate science is a “a blatant misuse of scientific authority,” according to a prominent climate scientist. “This statement is a blatant misuse of scientific authority to advocate for specific socioeconomic policies,” Judith Curry, a Georgia Tech climate scientist, wrote of a letter sent by dozens […]

Study: Expanding Antarctic sea ice linked to – – Natural Variability!

Expanding Antarctic sea ice linked to Natural Variability!! Oh sure. If the climate does something that doesn’t match the theory they blame “natural variability”. But maybe … just maybe … climate is mostly natural variability. The recent trend of increasing Antarctic sea ice extent—seemingly at odds with climate model projections—can largely be explained by […]