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EPA chief: ‘Get out of that telephone booth where…climate deniers hang out’

Speaking at MC Greenfest, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy insists that climate change is “happening now.” McCarthy: “You just need to get out of that telephone booth where other climate deniers hang out and open your eyes and see what’s happening.” ADMINISTRATOR GINA MCCARTHY: “They happen to be the most vulnerable when climate change happens. And, […]

Obama: Rising Seas Could Swallow STATUE OF LIBERTY, Ellis Island

Video-Climate change is threatening to submerge the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Pres. Obama warned Monday in a speech at Yosemite National Park. Climate change is also causing birds to fly north when the weather gets hot, Obama cautioned. As a result, rising seas threaten to engulf “icons like the Statue of Liberty,” Obama […]

House Science Panel Turns Up Heat on State AGs Over Ties to Climate Change Activists

House Republicans are pressing efforts to safeguard the First Amendment rights of scientific skeptics who dissent from what they consider the Obama administration’s alarmist position on climate change, according to letters to 17 state attorneys general. The series of letters, sent Friday and signed by 19 of the 22 Republican members of the House Science, […]