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Warmists desperate: ‘In order for us to start acting on climate change then, maybe we need to tell a few lies’

First they renamed global warming “climate change”. Now, when the majority of voters could not care less, a Huffington Post columnist thinks that replacing climate change with “massive worldwide death machine” or “crazy killer weather” will do the trick.
And if this does not scare people enough, the writer thinks that “maybe we need to tell a few lies”:

In order to avoid catastrophic climate change it’s essential that we act now, but that small fact hasn’t stopped it slipping down and off the list of what’s important to the majority of voters.

The problem can’t be with the issue’s importance. The evidence is all there, and it’s terrifying. Climate change is without a doubt the single biggest threat the human race has faced since the last ice age.
Maybe the real issue is with the wording, because ‘climate change’ just doesn’t sound that bad.
Every night I go to sleep, and every morning I wake up and the climate has changed. It’s called the weather.
Now if a corporation is having trouble selling a product, do they give up? Maybe they do eventually, but they try almost everything before that and step one is to rebrand.
Which involves altering very little apart from a product’s appearance, and hoping that’s enough.
It’s why Kentucky Fried Chicken is now ‘KFC’, British Petroleum is ‘BP’ and Justin Timberlake left NSYNC and got a haircut. You need to check out some of the old photos – he looked like a sheep.
So instead of ‘climate change’ what about we call it ‘extreme disasters happening right now’, ‘massive worldwide death machine’ or ‘crazy killer weather’?
You might not care about stopping ‘climate change’, but I’m sure most of us want to stop ‘crazy killer weather’.
These new titles also have the added benefit of being exactly what will happen if we continue to do so little.
Another problem is that most of us only care about what’s happening day to day, and not at all about anything that hasn’t happened yet on a big enough scale to really effect us, no matter certain it seems.
In order for us to start acting on climate change then, maybe we need to tell a few lies.

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