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Skeptical Trump says would renegotiate global UN climate deal Republican presidential contender Donald Trump said on Tuesday he would renegotiate America’s role in the U.N. global climate accord, spelling potential doom for an agreement many view as a last chance to turn the tide on global warming. A pull-out by the world’s second biggest carbon-emitting country would hobble the deal reached in Paris […]

Analysis: Climate Modeling Dominates Climate Science

Computer modeling plays an important role in all of the sciences, but there can be too much of a good thing. A simple semantic analysis indicates that climate science has become dominated by modeling. This is a bad thing. What we did We found two pairs of surprising statistics. To do this we first searched […]

Climate Hustle Encore!

Did you miss your chance to see Climate Hustle on the big screen on May 2nd? Would your organization, club, church, or company still like to have a day or night at the theater with the film one reviewer said “could be the most important movie of the year?” Well here’s your chance! Climate Hustle, […]

New FOIA’d Emails Tell a Very Different Story About How NY AG’s RICO Campaign Started Off Here are some other key revelations that come from these emails: #1: Activists were colluding with state AGs much longer than initially thought The activists pushing for the climate RICO investigations have been claiming that the “investigative reporting” by InsideClimate News (ICN) and the Columbia School of Journalism were what spurred them to action. […]

Obama on Climate Change: ‘We Can See it Happening Right Now’

President Barack Obama told graduates at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., “to insist upon and shape an informed debate” about climate change, adding that climate change is not subject to “political spin.” “Climate change is not something subject to political spin. There is evidence. There are facts. We can see it happening right now,” he said […]