Why 6 LA scientists went on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel to tell you climate change $%&*!#@ exists

A video from a late-night TV show featuring six Southern California climate scientists speaking in plain language about the reality of climate change — some using bleeped out profanity to underscore their message — has gone viral. # Related Links:  Delingpole: Jimmy Kimmel: Totally F**king Wrong on Climate Change WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel doubles down on […]

Colorado lawmaker under fire encouraging colleagues to see ‘Climate Hustle’

DENVER – Republican state Rep. J. Paul Brown encouraged fellow lawmakers on Tuesday to see “Climate Hustle,” a “global warming comedy” that critics say foolishly emboldens climate change skeptics. Enlarge photo Brown Brown, from Ignacio, made his comment during an evening debate before the full House, speaking to colleagues from a podium at the front […]

Listen: Mike Church Show Features Marc Morano about ‘Climate Hustle’

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church interviews Climate Depot’s Marc Morano to talk about his epic documentary on climate change The Climate Hustle, available soon on DVD. The film and this interview covers Bill Nye The Science Guy’s wish that “warming skeptics” might die; the growing body of scientific evidence that shows no warming this century […]

Watch Now: Moviegoers review ‘Climate Hustle’

Kalispell Montana on Climate Hustle Published on May 3, 2016 Are we being hustled? After a great turnout in Kalispell, Montana, for the one-night-only showing of “Climate Hustle”, viewers share their comments on the movie and answers to that question.