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Trump-ing Hillary on EPA and Global Warming: Trump may be ‘a nightmare for EPA’

If he lives up to his campaign rhetoric, a President Donald Trump would be a nightmare for the Environmental Protection Agency, radical environmentalism and the mandate- and subsidy-dependent “green” energy racket. I have paid close attention this campaign season to what every candidate has said about environmental issues. Almost all 17 of the Republican candidates […]

Delingpole: Jimmy Kimmel: Totally F**king Wrong on Climate Change

As he made perfectly clear in a segment of his show called “Scientists aren’t ****ing with you”, anyone who disagrees with “the science” on climate change is a complete wing nut – and therefore any criticism he gets from “deniers” like me will be considered a badge of honour. Even so, if you’re going to […]

Trump’s election would derail UN Paris climate deal, warns its architect

The election of Donald Trump would derail the landmark agreement on climate change reached in Paris last December, the architect of the accord has warned. Trump is now virtually certain to be the Republican candidate for president and has said “I am not a great believer in manmade climate change”, leading to fears he would […]