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Climate Hustle knows: Ten dire predictions that have failed as global polar bear population hits 20-31k While polar bears may be negatively affected by declines in sea ice sometime in the future, so far there is no convincing evidence that any unnatural harm has come to them. Indeed, global population size (described by officials as a “tentative guess“) appears to have grown slightly over this time, as the maximum estimated […]

‘Global warming’ takes hit in ‘Climate Hustle’: Pay up or ‘these storms are going to get you’ – But ‘If you pay up now, put us in charge, we can protect you from weather’ Morano said on his website the movie shows “the climate establishment comparing climate skeptics to Holocaust deniers.” “It’s all an attempt to silence the debate, to silence any science and go right to centralized planning,” he said. “That’s what this is all about. The U.N. has admitted their goal is wealth redistribution and it […]

‘I’ll take the irreverence and good humour of Climate Hustle‘s creators over puritanical authoritarianism any day’ Scientists aren’t the new priesthood to whom the sacred truth gets revealed. The rest of us aren’t miserable ecological sinners whose sole role is to obey the pronouncements of those who know best. If you’ve excluded me from the decision-making process, don’t be surprised if I want nothing to do with your grand plans

‘Climate Hustle’: ‘Science and fun’ – Film referred to as a ‘global warming comedy’ hits theaters today “We go through the hard science, yes, but we actually use the climate activists’ and the global warming establishment’s own arguments to have a lot of fun with,” Morano explains. “We go after the fact that they’re predicting that global warming causes more prostitution, barroom brawls, airline turbulence, [and] we go after the fact […]