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Don’t let the planet Bern! ‘Bernie Sanders’ policies would increase global warming’ – Warmists lament Sanders climate plan –

But a careful look at Sanders’ actual proposals tells a different story. He proposes to retire the nation’s nuclear reactors, which are the nation’s largest source of zero-carbon energy and generate 20% of the nation’s electricity and 60% of its zero-carbon power. Doing so would result in power sector emissions rising over 20% by 2050. Sanders has vowed […]

Obama: U.S. responsible for ‘climate change’

The U.S. and Canada are responsible to a great degree for causing the Earth’s temperature to rise and spurring climate change, President Obama said Thursday. “In some ways, as wealthier countries, we can probably adapt and manage better,” Obama said in a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “On the other hand, […]

Kids sue Obama for violating their constitutional ‘climate change’ rights

Backed by an environmental group and climate activist James Hansen, 21 kids appeared in an Oregon District Court on Wednesday, part of a lawsuitagainst President Obama for encouraging the use of fossil fuels. They also claim this is leading to increased global warming, which is a violation of their constitutional rights. Similar to a suit […]

NOAA: Number of major tornadoes in 2015 was ‘one of the lowest on record’ – Tornadoes below average for 4th year in a row –

[Note: It’s Coming….Skeptical film ’Climate Hustle’ hits Nationwide Theatres May 2nd! One night national theater event! – Watch New Trailer  Via: By Paul Homewood NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center have now finalised their tornado data for 2015. The year finished with 481 tornadoes of EF-1 strength or greater, the fourth year in a row that has […]

Obama’s Carbon Admission: ‘I Have the World’s Largest Carbon Footprint’

President Obama once “ruefully” admitted to staff that he personally is the planet’s largest source of carbon emissions, according to an anecdote published in The Atlantic. The brief aside was mentioned by author Jeffrey Goldberg in a passage about the burden of Obama’s worldwide travel arrangements. With that, Obama stood up and said, “Okay, gotta […]