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Worried Charlie Rose of PBS to Bill Gates: ‘Have Climate Deniers Gained Strength?’   On Monday, Charlie Rose used the insulting term “climate deniers” as a way to describe those who dare express any sort of skepticism about the liberal orthodoxy of climate change. The CBS This Morning co-host invited Microsoft co-Founder Bill Gates on to his PBS talk show to promote his Breakthrough Energy Coalition and asked  if […]

Planet Is Not Overheating, Says UK Statistician

A new paper published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation explains how statistical forecasting methods can provide an important contrast to climate model-based predictions of future global warming. The repeated failures of economic models to generate accurate predictions has taught many economists a healthy scepticism about the ability of their own models, regardless of […]

NYT: Forecast for Sea Level Rise By 2100 Scaled Back from max of 6 feet to 4 feet – But ‘reconstruction’ of sea levels over 28 centuries claim current rate is fastest rising

Scientists reconstructed the level of the sea over time and confirmed that it is most likely rising faster than at any point in 28 centuries, with the rate of increase growing sharply over the past century — largely, they found, because of the warming that scientists have said is almost certainly caused by human emissions. […]