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EPA Global Warming Regulations Have Split The Country

The Environmental Protection Agency’s power plant regulations have split the country. President Barack Obama put tackling global warming at the top of his agenda in recent years, and the EPA has been more than happy to oblige and issued a sweeping set of regulations last year to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. Liberals […]

‘We don’t need no CO2’ – ‘Don’t need no bath’: Children ‘Astronauts’ Awarded by UN for ‘Climate Song ‘

Via: Bonn, February 22 – The Mayor of Bonn and the UN awarded a group of young pupils a prize for best childrens’s global climate change song today for a performance that helped build awareness and commitment among young people in the run up to the Paris Climate Change Conference. Their catchy winning song was […]

‘Captured’: EPA Let Green Lobbyists Write Its Global Warming Regs

The Obama administration basically let lobbyists tied to left-wing environmental groups write the government’s massive global warming regulatory scheme, according to documents obtained by a free market legal group. Attorneys with the Energy & Environment Legal Foundation (E&E) released a report Monday calling the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a “captured” agency “allowing green pressure groups […]

‘No, 150,000 Antarctic penguins did not die because of global warming’ As it turns out, the paper did not say that  150,000 penguins had died. In fact, most of the Guardian article based on the paper is false. Daily Beast: Major news outlets ran with a widely mischaracterized study from Australian and New Zealand researchers in Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica, saying enough penguins to fill three […]

NY Times Suggests ‘Climate Change’ May Cause ‘Contagious Cancer’ Science Scientists Ponder the Prospect of Contagious Cancer FEBRUARY 22, 2016 George Johnson Imagine if instead, cancer cells had the ability to press on to another body. A cancer like that would have the power to metastasize not just from organ to organ, but from person to person, continuing to evolve deadly new skills […]