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Rubio mocks climate ‘solutions’: ‘If we pass this bill how many feet of sea rise will it prevent?’


One stop was at the Manchester Town Hall meeting where a local man questioned Rubio about his climate change plans.   “I am the proud father of three millennial Republican daughters and they have a major issue that is not often addressed by Republicans. Would you address climate change please?” he asked from the audience.   The senator paused before answering the New Hampshire father.   “OK, well the climate has always changed; I don’t mean that facetiously,” he responded. “There’s never been a time when the climate is identical; it’s always changing.”

Rubio said that when someone approaches him with legislation that attempts to tackle climate change he is very doubtful of its potential to help the environment.

“I say, ‘OK, if we pass this bill how many feet of sea rise will it prevent?’ Well, it won’t prevent any sea rise. ‘OK, well how many degrees of temperature will it avoid going up?’ Well, it won’t do that either,” he said.

Instead of prioritizing climate change legislation that he thinks hurts the economy and has no real impact on the environment, he said the better approach is to support innovators of American energy.

“We have to fully utilize all of our energy resources and that includes biofuels, renewables, all of that stuff, but we can’t destroy our economy,” Rubio said.