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Associated Press’ Seth Borenstein Links Zika outbreak to global warming – Al Gore Aproves “With higher temperatures you have more mosquitoes feeding more frequently and having a greater chance of acquiring infection. And then the virus replicates faster because it’s hotter, therefore the mosquitoes can transmit earlier in their life,” Reisen said. The thermodynamics of mosquitoes are “driven by temperature.”  

Federal Climatologist Slams Alarmist Federal Climate Report

Here are the conclusions of a freshly minted study, titled “Characterizing Recent Trends in U.S. Heavy Precipitation” from a group of scientists led by Dr. Martin Hoerling from the NOAA’s System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado: Analysis of the seasonality in heavy daily precipitation trends supports physical arguments that their changes during 1979-2013 have been […]

U.S. Chamber of Commerce VP to Congress: Paris UN Climate Deal’s 2 Degree limit is ‘a potent political symbol of little practical consequence’

Mr. Stephen Eule: Vice President for Climate and Technology, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Stephen Eule’s testimony is found here [link]. Key points: For the purposes of this testimony I will limit myself to these main points: The Paris Agreement fulfills the Durban Platform’s goals of an outcome with legal force, as it contains many legally-binding […]

Greenpeace Taunts Hillary For Not Rejecting Oil Money

Greenpeace began taunting Democratic candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Twitter Wednesday for declining to sign a pledge which would have prevented her from accepting campaign contributions from the coal, oil or natural gas industries. The Greenpeace pledge, which was sent to Clinton Jan. 26, states: ” I will prove that I work for the people by […]

Warmists gleeful: ‘Could Lawsuit Against Exxon Finally Force Fossil Fuel Industry to Pay for Its Lies About Climate Change?’

For the past few months, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has been investigating ExxonMobil to determine if the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company lied to the public or investors about the risks of climate change to its future business, based on the firm’s own internal studies. In November, Schneiderman issued asubpoena […]

Warmist Sanders Campaign Spent $185K Chartering Private Jets

Global warming crusader Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign spent nearly $185,000 in 2015 on a company that charters private jets, according to federal election disclosures. Federal Election Commission (FEC) disclosure forms show the Vermont senator’s campaign paid the company Air Charter Team $184,841.92 during 2015. Air Charter Team is a “provider of private, corporate, and business […]