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Warmist Eric Holthaus of Slate Mag.: ‘Climate change is making this blizzard worse’

Related Links: Warmist Michael Mann pushing ‘global warming’ blizzard connection – “Take unusually warm Atlantic ocean surface temperatures (temperatures are in the 70s off the coast of Virginia), add a cold Arctic outbreak (something we’ll continue to get even as global warming proceeds), mix them together and you get huge amounts of energy and moisture, and monster […]

Warmist Michael Mann pushing ‘global warming’ blizzard connection

Related Link:  NASA warns ‘global warming’ means ‘anything could happen’ — Huh?! So if ‘anything’ happens it proves ‘global warming!?’ ‘Blizzard for the Ages’ Headed for East Coast – ‘Climate change’ blamed – Slate Mag’s Eric Holthaus: ‘Climate change and El Niño have pushed water temperatures in the Atlantic to near record highs right now, which could […]

Blizzards, extreme cold, & heavy snow hammer many parts of the world – Moscow Sees Snowfall DOUBLED – 90% of China ‘gripped by extreme cold’

As the U.S. prepares to be pummeled by an historic blizzard, the many parts of the world are also getting hammered by heavy snow and extreme cold. Via: Blizzards in Moldavia – Entire villages snowbound – JANUARY 21, 2016 Snow exceeds 1 meter high (more than 3 ft) in some places. South Korea – Record power demand brought […]

Flashback 1772: DC’s Largest Snowstorm Ever Noted – 36 inches! – WASHINGTON’S HISTORIC WINTER STORMS AND COLD WAVES – National Weather Service

Via: WASHINGTON’S HISTORIC WINTER STORMS AND COLD WAVES: January 28, 1772: This storm was named the Washington and Jefferson Snow Storm since both of their diaries recorded it. The storm left 36 inches of snow (3 feet) in central and northern Virginia and the Washington area. Official weather records did not begin until after the […]

No, 2015 Was Not The Hottest Year Evah

Here is why they’re all talking rubbish and you needn’t worry about that “Hottest Year Evah” one bit. 1. The satellite data show no warming Compare the two trends (right): the upward one comes from the surface temperature dataset used by NASA GISS (and NOAA and the Met Office – they’re all pretty much interchangeable); the flat trend […]