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Morano on Obama’s climate ‘legacy’: ‘Prez may succeed in ‘winning’ climate war despite fact that skeptics have won every battle’

Mr. Morano is producer and host of the upcoming film Climate Hustle.

“President Obama laid out his final vision in the State of the Union address. Republicans need to get their act together quickly in order to prevent Obama’s climate legacy from being cemented.

“The GOP nominee for president in 2016 must present a basic plan to roll back Obama’s climate regulations. Here is a simple breakdown of what is needed:

1) Repeal all EPA climate regulations;

2) Withdraw the U.S. from any Paris agreement (nonbinding) ‘commitments’;

3) Withdraw the U.S. from the UN climate treaty process entirely;

4) The U.S. should defund the UN IPCC climate panel;

‘Yes! We Should Defund The UN IPCC': ‘It seems along with 17 years of flat global temps there is some evidence that we are witnessing some cooling on global warming hype & hysteria in DC as well’

5) Start praising carbon based energy as one of the greatest liberators of mankind and the best hope for the developing world’s poor.

Anything short of this clear and comprehensive approach will lead to failure and guarantee Obama’s climate policies will become permanent in the U.S. The Republicans need to get a coherent plan and articulate their course of action.

President Obama has proven himself a transformational president, surpassing LBJ and rivaling only FDR for remaking American politics. If we are subjected to the same weak-kneed leadership on climate that we saw in George W. BushJohn McCain, Mitt Romney, John Boehner and others, Obama will have succeeded in ‘winning’ the climate war despite the fact that skeptics have won every battle.

Skeptics are seeing more and more prominent scientists join their ranks after reexamining the evidence, many politically left-wing.

Skeptics helped ensure the UN’s Kyoto protocol was never ratified.

Skeptics helped ensure that a carbon tax was never implemented.

Skeptics helped ensure that cap-and-trade never made it into law despite multiple attempts.

Skeptics have won the battle of public opinion.

But skeptics are ‘losing’ the battle when it comes to Obama. By bypassing Congress and using Executive Orders, Obama has finally succeeded in pushing the climate agenda into the law in the U.S. now with domestic climate policy through the EPA in place and the newly added UN Paris ‘commitments’, the climate battle may actually be ‘won’ by the global warming establishment.

To use the warmists own term: 2016 may be a ‘tipping point’ for skeptics if the GOP does not wake up and battle the threat posed by scientifically meaningless climate policies with huge economic, liberty and sovereignty impacts.

The time to act is now!”

Marc Morano
Climate Depot

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