Record Snowfalls hit Canada, Mexico, Texas & China – ‘Insanely cold’ in Calif. – Peru sees ‘heavy snowfall’ in Summer

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In the past few days, record snow and cold has descended on many parts of the world while other parts have seen record warmth. (See: Meteorologists refute media claims that Arctic storm caused by humans: ‘That’s utter bullsh*t’ – ‘Who is feeding the media this crap?’)

Below is a small sampling of some of the snowfall records and cold. (Also note: No global warming at all for 18 years 9 months – a new record – The Pause lengthens again)

Montreal - 30Dec15


Montreal carting away record snowfall – Video – Montreal hit with 39.2 cm (15.4 inches) of snow, breaking a 61-year-old record.

Hard Freeze Warning for the San Joaquin Valley – The San Joaquin Valley produces the majority of the 12.8% of the United States’ agricultural production that comes from California

Mexico – Biggest snowstorm in more than half a century

Heavy snowfall in Peru – In the summer – Surprises inhabitants.

Niseko - 27Dec15

Heavy snowfall in Niseko Hokkaido Japan – Video of JR train in the snow

Record snowfall in China – The snowfall lasted over 40 hours

Snowstorm brings chaos to Istanbul – Heavy snow in Istanbul, Turkey – 300 flights canceled

Historic snowfall closes I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass – More than ¼ of an entire season’s snowfall in one week.

Record snowfall in Lubbock, Texas – More spectacularly, snow drifts ranged from 1-4 feet deep in Lubbock to 7-10 feet in areas along the Texas/New Mexico border.

Ciudad Juárez 27Dec15

Ciudad Juarez buried under six to ten inches of snow – Record snowfall – Flights canceled at Abraham Gonzalez International Airport.

Snow paralyzes 30 municipalities of Chihuahua – The temperature dropped to minus six Celsius and is expected to fall further.

Record-breaking snowstorm in New Mexico – “New Mexico Works to Unbury After Record Snow Storm,” reads the headline on ABC news.

Record-breaking cold in California – “20 degrees F in SoCAL tonight,” says reader Jim Pearson. “Insanely cold.”

Green Bay snowfall smashes previous record –  Green Bay, Wisconsin, received 11½ inches (29.2 cm) of snow from Monday afternoon into the overnight hours, according to the National Weather Service office in Ashwaubenon.

Roswell, NM – Snowiest day ever recorded – Parts of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico could expect 8-20 inches (20-50 cm) of snow, said weather service meteorologist Mark Wiley.

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Meteorologists refute media claims that Arctic storm caused by humans: ‘That’s utter bullsh*t’ – ‘Who is feeding the media this crap?’