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ExxonMobil put on mock trial for ‘climate crimes’ by Bill McKibben & Naomi Klein – But ‘trial’ ‘unable to reach a conclusive finding of guilt or innocence’

Closing arguments In his closing arguments, McKibben said: “You have heard eminent scientists explain that because of the delay in [climate] action, because of Exxon’s failure to present the truth, we’re going to see increases in the level of the sea, and you’ve heard from people who will be driven from their homes.” “It’s hard […]

Your inland home may soon be waterfront! Real estate firm ‘helps clients cash in on climate change’ – ‘Sea-level rise will create new waterfront real estate’

Some New York City real estate consultants are using the threat of climate change as a business model. Higher Tides Realty uses climate change projections to help clients maximize property values. In a promotional video, it promises customers, “We are here to help you benefit from the most significant environmental change since the ice age.” […]

Warmists Fret: ‘The Fraudulent Science at COP21 Exposed’ – Ignored ‘Critical links between climate change & agriculture’

Industrial, degenerative farming practices—which include tilling, deforestation, wetlands destruction and the use of massive amounts of synthetic and toxic fertilizers and pesticides—have stripped 136 billion tons of carbon out of the soil and sent it up into the atmosphere. Using the French government’s modest estimates, we can transfer, via enhanced plant photosynthesis, 150 billion tons […]

George Will: Climate Fine-Tuners Reach Another False ‘Turning Point’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, one of whose invaluable functions is to be a wet blanket about moveable feasts such as the Paris conference, says: “Before (the president’s) international partners pop the champagne, they should remember that this is an unattainable deal based on a (U.S.) domestic energy plan that is likely illegal, that half […]