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Politico: ‘Obama’s fragile climate legacy’ – ‘Relies on the good will of Congress & next president to keep it in place’ The reliance on presidential authorities means that while Obama can take much of the credit for the agreement, its ultimate success is in the hands of the next administration. “The President is making promises he can’t keep, writing checks he can’t cash, and stepping over the middle class to take credit for an ‘agreement’ […]

‘Paris pact not enough to save the world’ After going through the fine print of the global climate agreement, New Delhi-based think-tank Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) said it was a compromise deal and in many ways it could be termed “lowest minimum denominator”. Climate Action Network South Asia (CANSA), a coalition of over 141 civil society groups from South Asia, […]

Kerry: U.S. would not elect a climate change skeptic Dedication to fighting climate change will make or break a presidential candidate’s campaign, says Secretary of State John Kerry. Coming off a fresh victory one day after nearly 200 countries approved a climate deal in Paris committed to putting a stranglehold on global warming, Kerry warned that for someone looking to be elected president, […]

Watch: Reporters shout, jump for joy after UN climate deal announced Journalists appeared to erupt in cheers Saturday afternoon after representatives from nearly 200 countries agreed to adopt the Paris Agreement, a major accord vowing to fight global warming. Before the climate change deal was announced formally by officials in Paris, members of the press reportedly gathered close to cover the event, watching anxiously from […]

Obama: Climate change deal the ‘best chance’ to save planet Washington (CNN)President Barack Obama on Saturday hailed the acceptance of a final draft of an ambitious, global climate change agreement in Paris, calling it the “best chance” to save the planet. “We came together around a strong agreement the world needed,” said Obama, speaking from the White House. “We met the moment.” Obama added, […]

Reprieve! Binding Paris treaty now voluntary mush

Reprieve! Binding Paris treaty now voluntary mush Obligating the United States to slash its fossil fuel use, and send billions of taxpayer dollars annually to dictators, bureaucrats and crony industrialists in poor countries would be disastrous. Thank goodness it did not happen. But we are not out of the woods yet. — gReader Pro

UN climate summit deal Dec. 12, 2015: ‘The Day Science Died’ Climate statistician Dr. Matt Briggs: Science was wheeled into COP21’s hall and was humiliated and made to suffer to the last. Scores of our planet’s leaders gathered round her and chanted, “We can stop climate change!”, “We must hold the earth’s temperature to a 2 degree increase!”, “The globe is warming out of control!”, […]