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Financial Times Features Premiere: ‘Morano premiered his new climate-sceptic documentary Climate Hustle’ – Climate activists target sceptics in Paris campaign Amid the light-hearted fanfare generated by environmental activists in the French capital, however, the climate summit has also been notable for a hardening of tone against perceived climate-change deniers — several of whom have been subject to highly personalised campaigns. … Fiona Wild, a representative of the mining group BHP Billiton at the talks, […]

2015 will likely end as the least-deadly tornado year on record in U.S.

Using statistics compiled back to 1875, Weather Underground’s Bob Henson shows how low this year’s tornado deaths have actually been. “If this number holds through the end of the year, it will beat the 12 deaths reported in 1910 to become the lowest annual total on record,” Henson says. Two sources of statistics were combined […]

Billions of dollars on irrelevant pledges that have nothing to do with the climate – Everything about Climate Fear is just PR

Via: You will never guess, not only does no one care if carbon credits don’t cut carbon emissions, but hardly anyone cares if so called  climate money is even spent on the climate. As many as 66% of climate projects funded by the developed world have nothing to do with “climate vulnerability”. It’s the bragging […]