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Meteorologist: Record High U.S. snow cover for Dec. 1. THEWEATHERMOGIL: U.S. snow cover a Dec. 1 maximum; Climate Conference take note. Discussion started by Meteorologist Mike Mogil WEATHERTORIAL – This is an editorial (my opinions only) about weather and climate.  However, please note that I typically incorporate factual information whenever I write about these and other topics. Although snowfall coverage analyses at the National […]

Obama On Climate Change: ‘I Actually Think We’re Going To Solve This Thing’

“I actually think we’re going to solve this thing.” That’s what President Obama said in a news conference just before he left a United Nations summit on climate change. “Climate change is a massive problem,” Obama said. “It is a generational problem. It’s a problem that by definition is just about the hardest thing for […]

Bill Nye: IRS needs to impose a ‘carbon fee’ – ‘I strongly believe it would change the world’§ion=green “We have the system to collect it,” Nye said. “We have the Internal Revenue Service. It’s a bureaucracy that exists. People love to hate it. People also love to not die. But there’s two things you can count on: death and taxes. So we could do this if we we’re motivated. I’m a big […]

Obama goes apocalyptic: Warns of ‘submerged countries. Abandoned cities. Fields that no longer grow’ – Transcript of Obama remarks Obama at UN Climate summit: “This summer, I saw the effects of climate change firsthand in our northernmost state, Alaska, where the sea is already swallowing villages and eroding shorelines; where permafrost thaws and the tundra burns; where glaciers are melting at a pace unprecedented in modern times. And it was a preview of […]