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UN climate text adds ‘An International Tribunal of Climate Justice’

By Craig Rucker Negotiators at the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany resurrected the “International Tribunal of Climate Justice” and inserted it into the text they are preparing for nations to agree to at the big UN summit in Paris in December. The draft text will allow developing nations to sit in judgment over the […]

Fighting AGW is a ‘mad obsession’ – New 195-Page White Paper by French Scientists Declare: ‘The battle against global warming is an absurd, costly & pointless crusade’

Selected Excerpts by the Mathematical Calculation Society, SA, a group that does mathematical modeling for the French government and others and touts its mission as providing “mathematical tools for fraud detection.” The group was founded by mathematician Dr. Bernard Beauzamy, former professor at the University of Lyon in France.  Dr. Bernard Beauzamy Excerpts from the September […]

Warmists want courts to settle climate debate – But ‘When You Need Courts to Settle Science, Then Science Isn’t On Your Side’ “The most important thing the courts could do,” he said, was to hold a top-level “finding of fact”, to settle these “scientific disputes” once and for all: so that it could then be made illegal for any government, corporation (or presumably individual scientist) ever to question the agreed “science” again. Furthermore, he went on, […]

In Their Zeal to Go after Exxon, Warmists Erase Scientists’ Early Caution on Global Warming   As ExxonMobil better at climate science than the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)? This is the bizarre position now being adopted by climate activists such as Harvard’s Naomi Oreskes and’s Bill McKibben. As early as 1977, Exxon researchers “knew that its main product would heat up the planet disastrously,” McKibben claimed […]