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New Study: ‘Climate change’ made California drought ‘less likely’ – Published in Journal of Climate

Journal of Climate 2015 doi: How Has Human-induced Climate Change Affected California Drought Risk? Linyin Cheng,1,2,* Martin Hoerling,3 Amir AghaKouchak,4 Ben Livneh,2 Xiao-Wei Quan,2 and Jon Eischeid2 1 University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80305, USA. 2 Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, Boulder, CO 80305, USA. 3 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, […]

New paper explains the ~1,500 year climate cycle on basis of astronomic variables, not CO2 – Published in Climate of the Past

finds the well-known~1500 year climate cycle can be explained on the basis of astronomical variables that create a “high-frequency extension of the Milankovitch precessional cycle.” According to the authors, “The existence of a ~ 1470 year cycle of abrupt climate change is well-established, manifesting in Bond ice-rafting debris (IRD) events, Dansgaard–Oeschger atmospheric temperature cycle, and […]