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Pope Francis, Vatican Officials and Climate Skeptics Have a Common Enemy in United Nations Global Warming Agenda

While the media tends to fixate on comments the pontiff has made about the environment and immigration, it has ignored his rather pointed remarks in defense of religious liberty and the societal benefits attached to the marriage of a man and a woman. He was explicit without being overly specific in his approach. Read through the entirety of Francis’s remarks to Congress and it’s clear he is calling on Americans to resist modern arrangements that deviate from God’s natural law. Yes, that’s the part the media tends to overlook

What accounts the glaring contradiction between Pope Francis’ stated goal of uplifting and protecting the poorest among us as he seemingly embraces green policies that would devastate those same populations?

The answer comes from Marc Morano, a former staffer to Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, who now runs the Climate Depot site. Morano has published a “Climate Skeptics Guide to Pope Francis’ U.S. Visit” that focuses attention on the real villain here: the United Nations and the U.N. advisors who have misled the pope on the science underpinning alarmist claims. As it turns out, there is no consensus inside the Vatican on global warming science, according to Climate Depot. This presents an opportunity.