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Update: Story is a Hoax! Activist Spends a Year in Freezer to Oppose ‘Global Warming’   A woman in California discovered a completely original way to denounce global warming and raise awareness about it. Jade Martens is a 26 year old Greenpeace activist. She has just spent a full 12 months inside a small commercial freezer as a protest against the poor performance of the Obama administration on the […]

Global warming is good for agriculture, claims scientist   e earth is greener and farms are more productive because of the carbon dioxide emissions linked to global warming, an author of the original UN climate treaty has claimed. The planet can support more people because CO2 has boosted crop yields, the scientist Indur Goklany has claimed in a controversial paper published by […]

WaPo: ‘Advanced climate model’ finds We’re closer to a ‘Day After Tomorrow’ ice age than we thought – ‘Not completely out of the blue or unthinkable’   ‘Using an advanced climate model at Germany’s Max-Planck Institute to simulate both conditions of global warming and conditions of an AMOC collapse, Drijfhout’s team discovered that global temperatures could register a drop of up to 50 degrees Fahrenheit — three times stronger than concurrent warming trends.’

Climate skeptics are ‘assholes,’ says French politician

Climate skeptics are “assholes,” says French politician “Pour NKM, les climato-sceptiques sont des “connards.” Thus reads the headline in the Figaro, a French newspaper. On Monday evening, asked what she thought of climate skeptics, French politician Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (NKM) answered thusly: “In my mind it’s very clear. I’d say it’s assholes,” she blurted. “I would detail that a […]