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El Nino could slow the remainder of hurricane season   Flexing its atmospheric muscle, an unusually potent El Niño already has made for a significantly slower than normal hurricane season, keeping most of the systems weak and short-lived. It likely will slow down the remainder of the storm season, Mike Halpert, deputy director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, […]

‘The active hurricane era that brought us Katrina and Sandy may be over’ – ‘2015 season running at just 50% of normal’

During this positive phase, when ocean temperatures are warm and ripe in the tropical Atlantic, pressure and wind patterns are also altered in such a way that favor Atlantic hurricane formation and intensification. This pattern was also seen in earlier historical hurricane periods, and is likely driven by fluctuations in the Atlantic’s warm water conveyor belt, […]

Cli-FI: New Study apes Hollywood: ‘Global warming can trigger a cooling trend’ – Climate scientists fear ‘Day After Tomorrow’ scenario In the 2004 disaster-flick “Day After Tomorrow,” abrupt man-made climate change knocks the planet into a state of utter chaos. At the time, the movie’s vision of the apocalypse wasn’t seen as realistic. But that’s begun to change. Two new studies deepen the fear that global warming could shut down the circulation of the […]

Gov. Jerry Brown to Ben Carson: Do your homework on climate change   The retired neurosurgeon, who is challenging front runner Donald Trump in the polls, told us he didn’t buy the notion that the climate effects are human-caused. “I know there are a lot of people who say ‘overwhelming science,’ but then when you ask them to show the overwhelming science, they never can show […]

Republicans plan attack on Paris UN Climate Treaty   Administration officials say they are confident that Republicans won’t succeed in undermining the international agreement. So far, foreign diplomats do not appear to have been rattled by GOP opposition. Negotiations are moving forward, and many countries remain confident that they’ll be able to strike a deal in Paris, even if the agreement isn’t […]

Southern Ocean back in business as a carbon sink (models were wrong)

The Southern Ocean absorbs 40% of the global oceanic uptake in CO2. For most of the last ten years researchers thought it was weaker, or at “saturation” point and not able to absorb more CO2. Instead, it looks like it has been absorbing more again and by the year 2010 was back up to full […]