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Global Hurricane Activity At 45-Year Low

Via: 4-Year Global Cyclone Energy At 45-Year Low! By P Gosselin on 10. September 2015 Even though it is not true, alarmist sites everywhere continue citing “increased storm activity” as evidence of man-made climate change. Yet, when we look at the numbers, we see that nothing could be further from the truth. At Twitter earlier […]

Warmists declare themselves the greatest! NPR claim: ‘Climate Science’ is one of ‘the highest achievements of our species’ BbOn Nov. 30, world leaders will gather in Paris for a pivotal United Nations conference on climate change. Given its importance, I want to use the next couple months to explore some alternative perspectives on the unruly aggregate of topics lumped together as “climate change.” … More than anything, however, the real triumph of […]

Slate Mag.: ‘Refugee crisis or climate crisis’: ‘Is Europe experiencing the long-predicted first wave of climate refugees?’   FOREIGNERS OPINIONS ABOUT EVENTS BEYOND OUR BORDERS.SEPT. 9 2015 11:53 AM Global (Warming) Instability 161 58 154 Is Europe’s refugee crisis actually a climate crisis?   By Joshua Keating Somali refugees in Kenya Somali refugees wait for water at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya on April 28, 2015. Photo by Tony Karumba/AFP/Getty […]

Many global warming studies may be wrong as carbon dating found to be ‘wildly’ unreliable For instance, remnants of organic matter formerly held up as solid evidence of the most recent, large-scale global warming event some 40,000 years ago may actually date back far earlier to a previous ice age. “The radiocarbon dating technique may significantly underestimate the age of sediment for samples older than 30,000 years,” said the […]