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MacArthur Foundation vows to push climate solutions, starting with $50M pledge to green groups   The charitable foundation known for its annual “genius grants” and its public broadcasting underwriter’s message promoting “a more just, verdant and peaceful world” is deepening its commitment to addressing climate change under a new multimillion-dollar program aimed at building leadership capacity and political consensus around climate solutions.   Roughly $50 million in initial […]

BILL MAHER: EVEN IF HILLARY’S EMAIL BROKE THE LAW, ‘IS IT AS IMPORTANT AS CLIMATE CHANGE?’ 00:00 / 03:18 by IAN HANCHETT 21 Aug 2015 200 HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher wondered whether climate change is more important than whether Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton broke the law with her private email server on Friday. Maher stated that Benghazi and Clinton’s email scandal “aren’t actual problems that effect Americans.” […]

‘The Climate Crisis & Renewable Energy Industry has become a $1.5-trillion-a-year business’

According to a 200-page analysis by the Climate Change Business Journal, this Climate Industrial Complex can be divided into nine segments: low carbon and renewable power; carbon capture and storage; energy storage, like batteries; energy efficiency; green buildings; transportation; carbon trading; climate change adaptation; and consulting and research. Consulting alone is a $27-billion-per-year industry that […]