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Scientific studies, data and history refute Pentagon’s climate/national security claims – Climate Depot’s Rebuttal

July 29, 2015: Pentagon: Climate change ‘urgent and growing threat’ to national security Pentagon Spent $22,000 to Write 14-Page Report on Climate Change See: Global warming standstill/pause increases to ‘a new record length’: 18 years 6 months’ If any Americans actually believe the climate claims linking ‘global warming’ to a rise in conflicts, no amount of evidence, […]

Climate of Harassment: EPA sexual ‘predator fed a steady diet of interns’ – Sparks fly as EPA chief under fire at House Hearing

Testifying before Congress today, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy was questioned as to why EPA never made a criminal referral of a male employee who engaged in serial sexual harassment of agency personnel and female interns. The contentious exchange between McCarthy and GOP Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah went on for several minutes. Via: The HARRY READ ME File – Published […]