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Climate change health risk is a ‘medical emergency’, experts warn   LONDON (Reuters) – The threat to human health from climate change is so great that it could undermine the last 50 years of gains in development and global health, experts warned on Tuesday.   Extreme weather events such as floods and heat waves bring rising risks of infectious diseases, poor nutrition and stress, […]

Senators Introduce Carbon Tax

Last week, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) and Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI) introduced the American Opportunity Carbon Fee Act. According to the Senators, this bill aims to address concerns regarding climate change, while simultaneously improving economic performance.  Specifically, this bill will impose a tax on carbon dioxide emissions.   This tax would be levied at $45/metric […]

EPA Claims That ‘Global Action’ On Global Warming Will Stop ‘Extreme Weather’

A global agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions would prevent nearly 70,000 premature American deaths annually by the end of the century while sparing the country hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of economic losses, according to a major government study on the cost of climate change. Slowing the carbon build-up in the atmosphere would […]

Climatologist Dr. John Christy on Pope: ‘I’m puzzled by this encyclical…I don’t see disasters ahead…The real world simply doesn’t align with the theory’

Christy: I am one of those climatologists who builds datasets so we can measure what the climate system is doing and why. In my reading of the results, I don’t see disasters ahead – the world’s atmosphere has warmed little since satellites began estimating global temperatures and extreme events like droughts and hurricanes aren’t increasing. […]