Watch: PBS Features Climate Depot on Pope’s Climate Effort: Morano: ‘Carbon-based energy development is the best friend for poor people’

By: - Climate DepotJune 19, 2015 2:43 PM with 3 comments

MARC MORANO (Climate Depot): Catholics in America and around the world might be puzzled, with all the other issues going on, whether it’s persecution of Christians, whether it’s severe poverty issues, whether it’s crisis in faith, priest shortages, wars, conflicts—why is the Vatican spending so much capital on global warming? That’s going to be a head scratcher.

PBS reporter KIM LAWTON: But this makes some Catholics uncomfortable. Marc Morano is part of a coalition that went to Rome in April urging the Vatican not to rely only on scientists who take what they call “an alarmist, extremist” position on climate change.

MORANO: None of the predictions, the dire predictions they made so far are coming true. They’re failing to come true. And this is one of the things that the pope is not hearing. He’s only hearing one view. Carbon-based energy development is the best friend for poor people and would give them the best chance at life.

LAWTON: Morano is also concerned about the Vatican being too closely tied to the United Nations climate agenda.

MORANO: On many issues from abortion, euthanasia, overpopulation concerns there’s going to be massive conflicts with Catholic teachings. And I think the pope has got to, and the Vatican, has to think this through better.