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Watch: Catholic TV Host Stands Up to Warmist Petition for Trying to ‘stifle’ Debate: ‘For a mob by petition to attempt to stifle debate…is a type of bullying that will never be tolerated’

EWTN Host Raymond Arroyo of ‘World Over’ – Watch: Begins at 10 min. Arroyo: “This week a political group has started a petition to try to silence this show by daring to feature what it calls ‘a notorious climate change denial activist’. Now, for anyone who cares to watch, we hosted a fair debate, boys and […]

EDF Regrets Debate w/Morano – Warmist to Bishop: Catholic TV station ‘offended’ God by allowing climate skeptic Morano on TV

Here’s the letter. June 06, 2015 Most Reverend Robert J. Baker, S.T.D., Bishop of Birmingham, Roman Catholic Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama 2121 3rd Avenue North (35203) P. O. Box 12047 Birmingham, AL 35202-2047 mailto:[email protected] RE: EWTN Disrespects Pope Francis in Front of Catholic Viewers Dear Bishop Baker: The Diocese of Birmingham should immediately sever […]

Former Harvard Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl: Karl et al. hiatus killer is ‘research’ that began with conclusions

Karl et al. hiatus killer is “research” that began with conclusions All the major teams that try to quantify the “global mean temperature” indicate that the warming/cooling trend has been basically zero for almost two decades. RSS AMSU, a satellite record, shows a trend that is exactly zero (infinitesimally negative, I guess) in the […]