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Bill Nye: ‘Climate Deniers’ Are ‘Unpatriotic’ – Misquotes Constitution To Support His Claim

Bill Nye, ‘The Science Guy’, accused climate change ‘deniers’ of being unpatriotic in a May 19, 2015 interview with The Vox.

Excerpts & Reaction: 

Bill Nye: ‘Well, first of all, I think denying climate change is in nobody’s best interests. But I also think denying science in general is in no one’s best interests….When you have people denying this basic process, and how we all got here, it’s offensive to me intellectually. And I happen to think it’s unpatriotic. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution says the government shall “promote the progress of science and useful arts.” So if you’re a politician looking to derail the progress of science, I think you’re not doing your job…

When it comes to climate change in the US, most of the denial comes from the fossil fuel industry. They’ve worked very hard to introduce this idea that scientific uncertainty — in other words, a margin of error — is the same as doubt about the whole thing.

But I feel strongly that climate change is in nobody’s best interests. No one’s…Humans will live through climate change. Right now, we’re extinction-proof. We’re just so dominant on this planet. But in the worst case, it could end up like Road Warrior: a couple of tribes on a remote island, eking out a living and killing each other…And all this is in the developed world. There are way more places where people can’t afford to move — they don’t have the resources to move — and that’s going to be real trouble. That keeps me up at night…

But we’re also going to need a top-down, regulatory program for greenhouse gases. I say to all the climate deniers, “If you don’t like big government now, just wait until stuff starts going wrong and people need help.” End Nye excerpt.

Full Nye Interview here


Reaction Via Weasel Zippers website:Bill Nye, The Fake Science Guy, Butchers The Constitution To Attack ‘Science Deniers’ As “Unpatriotic” 

Except as Twitchy notes, this isn’t actually what the Constitution says. Art. 1, Section 8 says:

To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.

Now he’s Bill Nye the Constitutional Scholar Guy? What a clown. He’s using the section of the Constitution that is the basis for patent law to back up his assertion that questioning the science behind his climate alarmism is somehow unpatriotic.

And we really don’t need Bill Nye as the head of the patriotism police, thank you very much:

Via Weasel Zippers: So what the section is actually doing is guaranteeing the individual property rights to inventors and writers. Not saying that one should walk in lockstep with what the government decides to promote.

Of course, anyone who actually understands what the Constitution is about, understands it isn’t about promoting the government, but rather, it is about protecting the individual rights of American citizens.

Perhaps Nye needs to spend a bit more Constitutional study and a little less time on selfies with another Constitution denier…


The above was excerpted from an article from Twitchy and Weasel Zippers.