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Thank You For Smoking: Cigarette Smokers May Be The Key To Solving Global Warming

As it turns out, used cigarette butts can be converted into material used for energy storage. South Korean scientists say this material could one day be used to coat the electrodes of supercapacitors which would enhance energy storage for things like electric cars, solar panels and wind turbines. “Our study has shown that used cigarette […]

World Bank: ‘One in seven people still live without electricity’ – 1.1 billion people India made significant advances, but progress in sub-Saharan Africa was far too slow, said a report tracking the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) initiative, launched by the U.N. Secretary-General in 2011. Almost no headway was made in switching people from biomass cooking fuels such as kerosene, wood and dung, the report added. “We are […]