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New Yorker: ‘Has climate change made it harder for people to care about conservation?’   I accepted its supremacy as the environmental issue of our time, but I felt bullied by its dominance. Not only did it make every grocery-store run a guilt trip; it made me feel selfish for caring more about birds in the present than about people in the future.   … Climaticmatic stress are […]

Arctic Ice Decline: A New ‘Pause?’   When satellite observations of Arctic ice extent began in 1979 it was obvious that a long-term decline was already underway. That decline appeared to be monotonic until the mid-2000s when, for a while at least, it seemed to have accelerated. The ice extent in the summer of 2007 was a record low, and […]

The 97 Percent Climate Change Consensus That Wasn’t Cook’s paper, because of its poor research methods, doesn’t even prove the limited claim 97 percent of the academic literature supports a human role in climate change. Cook and his colleagues, including a small group of environmental activists, claimed to examine abstracts of more than 12,000 papers. Tol writes: They did not check whether […]

‘Has The UK Guardian Rolling Stoned Christy & Spencer?’

Has The Guardian Rolling Stoned Christy & Spencer? That tireless ecological zealot over at The Guardian, Dana Nuccitelli, took the opportunity of our 25th anniversary of satellite-based global temperature monitoring to rip us a new one. Comparing John Christy and me to “scientists who disputed the links between smoking and cancer”, Dana once again […]