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Read Climate Depot’s Hate Mail – Plus Morano on WaPo & ‘Merchants of Doubt’: ‘Having the Post describe me as a ‘jocular’ advocate for ‘ignorance’ is odd’

Having the Post describe me as a ‘jocular’ advocate for ‘ignorance’ is odd, considering I feature on Climate Depot the views of skeptical scientists like Nobel Prize winning physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever, who also appears in my upcoming film Climate Hustle. On Climate Depot, I publish interviews and will feature interviews in my film of […]

Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer: ‘Bring Back Our Tornadoes!’

Bring Back Our Tornadoes! One of the many tragic consequences of human-caused climate change is the nearly unprecedented lack of tornadoes during the first half of March. According to Greg Forbes, severe weather weenie at The Weather Channel, the only other year when this happened was 1969. Clearly, this is just one more example […]